Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

Providing move-in/move-out cleaning services to the greater Kansas City area. Get your resident ready for your move-out inspection or get your property cleaned up for your next tenant


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Moving Cleaning

Move-in/Move-out cleaning services are here to help with your moving process. We ensure all aspects of the property are cleaned for that new space feel that everyone loves on moving day

Moving Out?

If you’re moving out, we can help ensure your residence cleaned to your checkout requirements so you can keep your deposit! 

Moving In?

When you have a new resident moving in, it’s important to have a clean space so your new tenant has a positive move in experience 

Moving Cleaning Kansas City

A single cleaning may be all you need!

Tier One Cleaning has you covered. A single clean can take up to 4 hours depending on the size of your space, how dirty it is and what needs to be cleaned

What’s Included

Your moving cleaning comes with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back! We pride ourselves in our cleaning process and procedures to make sure nothing gets missed and everything is cleaned to the highest standard

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Professional Cleaning Staff
  • After-Pictures Uploaded To Your Portal
  • Friendly Customer Service And Support

Carpet Cleaning

We vacuum your carpets and spot clean for any potential spills to keep your office with a professional appearance

Mirror Cleaning

Customers need to know what they look like why wearing and using your products. Show them clearly that your product is meant for them

Outdoor Furniture

Have any leaves or debris on your outdoor furniture? Tier One will wipe down your furniture and shake off any leaves or debris so your customers can enjoy sitting outside on your patio


Dusting is a leading cause in allergies. You don’t want your customers or employees sneezing everywehere which is why Tier One makes sure to dust your blinds and ceiling fans on each visit

Trash Removal

Trash removal is essential to any cleaning operation. Whether we need to pick up trash around your commercial space or take out your weekly trash, Tier One has you covered

Appliance Deep Clean

Making sure your appliances and other accessories that customers or employees use daily is essential to keep a good image of your business

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